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Poster Sessions from
Millennial Learning: Teaching in the 21st Century
Lilly East Conference on College and University Teaching
April 16 - 17, 2009

Video Interviews
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Poster Titles and Presenters
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Promoting Information Literacy and Critical Thinking in General Education Students

[4:28 min.]

Jason Porter, Alison Mostrom, Leslie Bowman, Catherine Purzycki, Kevin Wolbach, and Eva Agbada: University of the Sciences in Philadelphia


Foreign Language Student Teacher Anxiety

[4:40 min.]

Ali Merc: Anadolu University



Evaluation of an Online Allied Health Curriculum: Student Perceptions

[6:30 min.]

Linda Caplis: Towson University




Effectively Incorporating Technology Today: Teaching Public Speaking Online

[5:55 min. and 2:36 min.]

James Stenerson and Maria Luskay: Pace University



Primary Trait Analysis: A Course Assessment Tool to Measure Knowledge Gain

[3:56 min.]

Salar Alsardary, Laura Pontiggia, and Phyllis Blumberg: University of the Sciences in Philadelphia; and Mohammed Hamid: Temple University



Bridging the Gap: Math and Biology the Interactive Way

[2:04 min.]

Karen Nelson, Tonya McLean, GoEun Na, Kaci Thompson: University of Maryland, College Park



Development and Use of a Concept Inventory

[5:37 min.]

Ann Smith and Boots Quimby: University of Maryland, College Park



Implementation and Impact of a Preparing Future Faculty Program

[1:27 min.]

Kate Riera and Sally Koblinsky: University of Maryland, College Park



Instant Learning: A New Pedagogy for Remedial Mathematics

[3:17 min.]

Owen Carew: Kent State University, Salem



Facilitating a Campus Conversation about the Ethics of Freedom

[3:09 min.]

Linda McGuire and Judith Ridner: Muhlenberg College



A Longitudinal Report of the UMBC LRC 101A Program Correlating Learner Centered Teaching Methods with Student Retention and Graduation Rate and Return on Investment

[1:15 min.]

Cassie Bichy, Andrea Spratt, and Ericka Thompson: University of Maryland, Baltimore County


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