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The TLT Group offers different kinds of consulting including providing keynotes, contracts for and evaluations of specific programs, and guidance.

        A few things you might like about us as consultants and trainers:

  • Breadth and depth of knowledge of higher education

  • Avoidance of hype

  • Ability to engage administration, faculty and staff cooperatively

  • Leadership in crafting realistic strategies

  • Thoughtful program evaluation

  • Flexible, imaginative response to your needs and interests.

     The TLT Group has been active in these areas of interest and expertise for more than ten years. 

  • Professional and Faculty Development,
    Cost-effective strategies to engage a larger proportion of your academic staff in teaching and learning with technology.
    One example: George Washington University needed to expand its faculty development and support services;
    The TLT Group consulted as they created a three year strategic plan.
    Here are a few more examples of our past work.


  • Planning: Visions and Strategies,
    Shape curricular goals to take advantage of technology, learning space design, each other....
    Let us help you with a 'small steps,' low risk strategy for cumulative improvement, develop strategies
    to improve teaching and learning with sensible technology,
    One example: Helping create a new leadership team involving the CIO and faculty at Shepherdstown University.

  • Productive Evaluation/Assessment
    Gathering evidence to improve on topics from accreditation and grants to wikis and web-based learning.
    One example: Massachusetts Institute of Technology year-long external evaluation of the $25 million

    iCampus program, funded by Microsoft. 
    Here are more
    examples of past work concerning Assessment and Evaluation and the
    exciting range of potential topics.


Please contact Sally Gilbert to explore possibilities and ask questions.  These services are also available to non-subscribers for a fee.


PO Box 5643
Takoma Park, Maryland 20913
: 301.270.8312/Fax: 301.270.8110  

To talk about our work
or our organization
contact:  Sally Gilbert

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